Schenectady Today -- In and Around the Capital Region
Filmed January 21, 2014 (Show #812)

Photographs by Dick Paterek -- Website by Gregg Millett

Service Dog vs. Therapy Dog – What's the Difference? Guests: Katie McKenzie with Service Dog, Sammie and Lee Sheldon with Therapy Dog, Honor. They'll explain the difference between a therapy dog and a service dog and a guide dog and will tell us what the legal rights are for these types of dogs. They will also tell us why New York State has to update their current laws. Contact Information: 466-3986. Facebook: No. Website: and

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Food Coop for Downtown Schenectady! Guest: Katherine (Kat) Wolfram, Board of Directors. She'll tell us about this member-owned and operated cooperative marketplace based on principles of economic fairness. Their mission is to cultivate the health, self-sufficiency and sustainability of our community. Organization: Electric City Food Co-op. Event: Stone Soup Potluck (free) date to be announced. Contact Information: or 522-9201. Facebook: Yes "Electric City Coop". Website:

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Happy Days Illustrator! Guest: Mary Lou Sunshine a/k/a Mary Lou Samaha, Artist and Illustrator. She is the illustrator of three children's books written by Jack Orth. Happy Days is a new town set aside for animals only, a place where life lessons are given by the wise old owl. Where Elsa elephant skates gracefully and Walter Wolf dives into the swimming hole to save Apple Pig from drowning. Books are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as on Kindle, nook and iPad. Website:
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Is There Room in your Heart and Home? Guests: Kim Jess with Lani the cat, Community Outreach. She brought an animal companion that would love a home a person to share affection. They are having a special – a pair of cats that should be adopted together for only $75 (includes all shots and spaying and neutering). Organization: Animal Protective Foundation. Location: 53 Maple Ave Glenville. Contact Information: 374-3944. Facebook: Yes Website:

The Peace Project – Reducing Crime! Guests: John Foldy, Bethany Gonyea (Founder) and Mark Shepard (musician). They will tell us about the project and how they hope to reduce crime in Albany. Organization: Albany Peace Project. Website:

Sherlock Holmes Arrives in Schenectady! Guests: Aaron Holbritter (Director) and Erin Waterhouse (Irene Adler). They will tell us about Schenectady Civic Players newest production "Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure". It is based on an 1899 play. This is a spirited, fast-moving and thoroughly theatrical adaptation. Organization: Schenectady Civic Players Event: Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure. Location of event: Historic Stockade at 12 South Church Street. Date/Time: Jan 24 – Feb 2. Cost: Tickets are $17. Contact Information: 382-2081. Facebook: Yes. Website: and for tickets