Schenectady Today Show

Thank you for agreeing to appear on the Schenectady Today Show . You will receive an email reminder three weeks before, 10 days before your appearance and again three days before you are scheduled to appear.

Arrival -- Please arrive at the studio between 9:30 and 9:45 AM so we can prepare for the show properly. There is a 2 hr. limit at the lot behind Proctors.

Video Tapes/ Pictures to use on the show – You are welcome to bring a public service announcement or promotional videotape that you would like to show during your segment. If so, please cue the videotape at the correct starting point and attach a note to the DVD telling us exactly how long we should run. We prefer that "segments" do not run over three minutes. We would also like to know if we can “voice over” the DVD while it is playing. This essentially means that the sound will be up on the tape but we will also have the ability to comment over the DVD while it is playing. We welcome photographs that you would like to display during the segment. We prefer that you place the pictures on a hard surface so that the picture will be easier to show on camera.

Videotape Purchase – Currently, copies of the show cannot be prepared for purchase until all the equipment is set up at the new Open Stage Media.

What to wear – It is strongly advised that you do NOT wear white. If you must wear white, then you should wear a dark jacket or wear a brightly colored tie or scarf. White tends to “wash out” the person. Black may be worn if you break it up with a colored tie or scarf. Any other color is fine although some shades of red may not work well. You must have some sort of lapel so that we have somewhere to attach the microphone. Pullover sweaters are discouraged since it is quite difficult to attach a microphone.

Additional Guests – You may bring pre-arranged on-camera guests. Off-camera guests are also welcome. They may sit in the “green room” and watch the show as it is being taped.

Thanks, Ann Parillo

e-mail or home office phone 518-785-0445